Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Interview 4 with Soft Toys - Doggy & Porky

Today's interview is gonna be interesting! 2 soft toys in 1 interview! Don't worry, this interview is not going to be long-winded at all. Instead, it's going to be short and sweet! Look out for those funny bloopers!
Doggy and Porky: Have to be interviewed meh?
Lamb, Cottonsocks and Me: Yes!!!
*Jing Lu the cameraman starts the camera*
Cottonsocks: Hi Porky and Doggy! Today we'll interview Doggy first, so Porky you can sit at the chair.
Doggy: Why me first? *face palms*
Me: Cut!
Lamb: You can't say that in a real interview so stand still and get ready!
Cottonsocks: And action!
*Jing Lu starts the recording*
Cottonsocks: Hi Doggy! How's life?
Doggy: It's great! But I just hate being interviewed.
Everyone except Doggy: *face palms 3 times*
Cottonsocks: Ok, let's not talk about interviews. Who is your actual mother?
Doggy: Acke Wood! It's your mother too!
Lamb: Cut!
*Jing Lu stops the camera*
Me: By the way Doggy, Acke Wood is the one who adopted Cottonsocks, not his mother. Ok, and action!
Jing Lu: Starting now!
Cottonsocks: Last question Doggy, what do you like to do?
Doggy: I would like to ask Porky to take over the interview now!
Everyone except Doggy: ROFLOL!
Cottonsocks: Ok Porky, it's now your turn for the interview! Jing Lu, action!
*The second interview starts now and it's my turn to interview Porky*
Me: Hi Porky! How's life being a love-to-sing pig?
Porky: Oh, I love to sing! I thank God for giving me a special ability.
Lamb: That's great!
Me: Another question Porky, what is your favourite hobby?
Porky: Answering the questions on the Ace... Super Pi... Lamb Blog. Sorry, forgot about the name of the blog.
Cottonsocks: LOL!
Me: Last one, what is the thing you don't like the most?
Porky: Getting scolded by my parents.
Lamb: Cut!
Jing Lu: *stops the interview* That's the end of the interview and I hoped you enjoyed it!

Written by: Super Lamb
Photos taken by: Super Lamb

(top to bottom: Doggy, Porky, Lamb, Cottonsocks and Jing Lu)

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