Friday, 14 June 2013

Soft Toys Speaking 1 (Happy Lamb Dialogue Sequels)

Since I'm thinking of not writing anymore Happy Lamb Dialogues when I wrote 30 (as of 14 June 2013 I wrote only 23) of them, maybe I would make a sequel of Happy Lamb Dialogues, and that is... Soft Toys Speakings! Note that Soft Toys Speaking 1 is continued from Happy Lamb Dialogue 30, so you may think that Soft Toys Speaking 1 is not relevant. By the way, Happy Lamb Dialogue 30 may only be posted in early July. Enjoy Soft Toys Speaking 1!
*Lamb drags Jing Lu, Cottonsocks and Doggy into the room*
Jing Lu and Doggy: You want to make Soft Toys Speakings?
Lamb: Not me, but our owner asked us to make a sequel of Happy Lamb Dialogue 30.
Cottonsocks: I don't think this is like a sequel of it, anyway.
Porky: *walks into the room* What are you talking about?
Lamb, Cottonsocks, Doggy and Jing Lu: We're talking about making Soft Toys Speakings.
Porky: What? Soft Toys Speakings? Are they sequels of Happy Lamb Dialogues?
Cottonsocks: Yep. Our owner asked us to do Soft Toys Speakings.
*Then, Piggy walks into the room*
Piggy: I heard about your conversation just now, and I have a great idea for today's Soft Toys Speaking!
Everyone except Piggy: A great idea? Tell us now!
*Piggy tells the soft toys the idea and all of them prepare it*
Everybody except Porky: Porky, ready?
Porky: Yes! 1, 2, 3, action!
Lamb: Hello, this is Lamb Yang Le Koh...
Piggy: Piggy Koh...
Cottonsocks: Cottonsocks Yang Fei Koh...
Jing Lu: Koh Jing Lu...
Doggy: Doggy Gou Le Koh...
Porky: *runs to where the soft toys were* And Porky Koh...
Everyone in Soft Toys Speaking 1: We present you... the Soft Toys Speaking News!
Lamb: On Soft Toys Speaking News today, we're going to talk about our latest blog, the Super Lamb Blog, and what's going to be posted in it!
Cottonsocks: So far on the Super Lamb Blog, there are 2300+ over page views!
Jing Lu: What the owner usually posts on the Super Lamb Blog are about soft toys, interviews, soft toys talkings, quizzes, book reviews and many more!
Piggy: And the latest news is that a female Lego Builder has made many Heroes! So far, up to date, she has posted 101 Heroes! (And 1 Heroine)
Doggy: And that's the latest news on the Soft Toys Speaking News! Thank you!
Porky: *stops the camera* That's a superb idea, Piggy! Now let's upload it to the Super Lamb Blog.

Will the ratings be good for the Soft Toys Speaking News? Find out in Soft Toys Speaking 2!

Here are the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Jing Lu





Piggy (Sorry for the weird big gap on top which I can't see it on my blog post)

Written by: Super Lamb
Photos taken by: Super Lamb




  1. Ai ya ya why feature me again? :P
    Comment by Lynn

    1. Who are you?! Did we feature you at all in Soft Toys Speaking 1? Please answer! Thank you! From: The Soft Toys

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